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Google Mail Set-up with CPanel and Hover

So this weekend I moved over to a DigitalOcean server. Well, actually I found a guy on UpWork who did a great job setting up a server to run CakePHP 3 apps on it with CPanel to administer. Thanks to him, I’ve moved my first CakePHP 3 project, over to it – and it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than the previous host – not that there was anything wrong with their service, but the site just hadn’t been bringing in the traffic yet to justify the three browns (Canadian for $300) it was costing me. I do like that Digital Ocean has servers around the world, and I’m already thinking of setting up servers in Singapore and the UK – but that’s a project for next year.

One thing I did do myself move over the Google Mail account. For reference here’s the setting I used on Hover and the CPanel set-up on DigitalOcean.  For the CPanel licence itself, I went with, a 1-year licence cost about $160 USD.

In the hover panel, just add the main Google mail record, or replace the default Mail entry like so:


Then over in the CPanel, in the MX section of Mail, you need to set the mail type to Remote Mail Exchanger and add the rest of the MX records like so:


Priority Mail Server

After that, since I’d verified the domain when I set it up a few months ago, using the text file method, and so after a few hours it started working just fine.

BTW: For screenshots here and on the last CakePHP 3 migrations article, I’ve been using Awesome Screenshot  Chrome plugin for the last few months; it does a number of nice things including easily cropping , blurring sections of the page and generally just works.

Hopefully this is helpful. Back to my next CakePHP project now.


  • Note: there are affiliate links on the DigitalOcean and BuyCPanel links.