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The Road To CakePHP 3

Started in late 2011, CakePHP 3 is the most ambitious projects the CakePHP team has undertaken yet. At the time of writing the 3rd “dev” release is available.

Overall Goals:

  • Drop the legacy PHP 4, PHP 5.4 is the new minimum
  • A new object-orientated ORM (Object Relational Mapper). This is a complete re-write and will probably feel familiar to Laravel developers.
  • Adopt broader PHP community standards like Composer (PSR-0, PSR-1) and Symfony modules when appropriate. CakePHP should embrace these community standards where possible.
  • Increase modularity. CakePHP has had history of being tightly coupled. Reduce coupling and make more standalone libraries.
  • Modernize and simplify the framework. Separating features into plugins allows greater community involvement and more rapid iteration on features.

So Far:

At the time of writing the 3rd “dev” release is available. Next up are a set of alpha and beta releases. Currently the new ORM is available as are the rest of the MVC framework, however changes are expected and it is not ready for production at this time (June 2014)

CakePHP 3.0 features a new ORM that has been re-built from the ground up. The new ORM is significantly different and incompatible with the previous one. Upgrading to the new ORM will require extensive changes in any application that is being upgraded.