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CakePHP Plugin of the Week

Here’s a list of some plugins featured in the weekly Plugin of the week put out by @CakePHP on Twitter. Unless specified, these are for CakePHP 3, though some have 2.0 branches.

  • cakephp-duplicatable By Riesenia A CakePHP plugin for duplicating entities including related data. Nov. 8th

  • cakephp-imagine-plugin By Burzum A CakePHP wrapper for the powerful Imagine image processing library. Nov. 2nd

  • UseMuffin-Footprint By Muffin A CakePHP 3.x plugin that allows passing currently logged in user to model layer.
    Oct. 25th

  • UseMuffin-Slug By Muffin A CakePHP 3.x plugin for adding slugging behavior to your tables. Also includes a custom finder method for searching by slug.
    Oct. 12th

  • CakePHP-Monga By LeWestopher A CakePHP 3.x plugin for accessing MongoDB NoSQL data stores. This plugin is a wrapper for the popular Monga library provided by The League of Extraordinary packages. Sept. 20th

  • Bootstrap-UI By FriendsOfCake Transparently use Bootstrap 3 with CakePHP 3. Basically just makes it really easy to use the Bootstrap with the auto-generated layouts Cake’s CLI can generate. It’s pretty easy to specify custom classes. Sept. 13th

  • FlyPie By WyriHaximus This is Flysystem plugin for CakePHP 3. FlyPie wraps phpLeague’s excellent Flysystem library into a CakePHP plugin that makes it a breeze to work with remote file systems like Amazon S3, Dropbox, Azure, even SFTP as if they where local. Aug. 30th

  • CakePHP Social Share By drmonkeyninja (Andy Carter) This is a CakePHP link generator for sharing content on social networks. “This plugin provides a CakePHP View helper for creating links to share content on numerous social networks and bookmarking sites.”
    Aug. 23rd

  • TinyAuth By dereuromark (Mark Scherer) “CakePHP TinyAuth plugin for an easy and fast user authorization. Single or multi role. DB or code based.” Aug. 15th

  • Notifier plugin for CakePHP By bakkerij This plugin “This plugin allows you to integrate a simple notification system into your application.” Aug. 2nd

  • Asset Compress By markstory “Asset Compress is CakePHP plugin for helping reduce the number of requests, and optimizing the remaining requests your application makes for Javascript and CSS files.” July 26th

  • Users by CakeDC CakeDC’s Users plugin is a full-featured authorization system that handles user registration, account verification, social logins, user administration, etc. Tutorial Feb. 2016